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Private sale, brokerage sale, any sale! If you are looking to get boat or yacht financing on a sailboat, powerboat, motor yacht, bowrider, express cruiser, fishing boat, runabout, pontoon boat or center console, we can get you out on the water fast with the best possible marine loan interest rates and financing terms in Canada! Our network of lending partners offers a variety of options and boat loan interest rates and terms suited to your unique circumstances.


So, You’ve Decided To Buy A Boat!

Your next decision is how best to pay for your new boat. You likely have options, but here’s one you may not have known about. When you purchase through United City Yachts, you have access to exclusive financing options that will help you save. This ideal financing has many advantages for you, including:

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Flexibility; customized to your liking

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No collateral except your purchase

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Fully open; no penalties for early payout

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Attractive fixed rates for peace of mind

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Extended amortization for comfortable payments

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Bridge finance

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Easy in-store

So, why tie up your hard earned cash? Keep it for investment opportunities or, heaven forbid, an emergency! They do happen…

Work With A Pro!

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When it comes to financing, United City Yachts works with Canada’s largest marine finance services! We are in tune with the banks’ (and in some cases, non-bank alternatives) special programs. It may even be one offered through the manufacturer. We are happy to discuss your ownership options, with no obligations. This will enable you to obtain a competitive loan package that suits your needs. Because you never know what’s around the next corner, we are able to offer you loan repayment protection providing security to you and your family should an unplanned income interruption occur. Are you interested? Fill out the form below and our Finance Manager will get in contact with you to answer any questions and determine which loan package is right for you.

Buy and sell with confidence using United City Yachts' industry leading partner network

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